Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Wow. Someone should backhand me, because I can't believe I forgot about this very very very important event that I participated in during the 3rd weekend in July.

Yes, the Tough Mudder. Now, I had never heard of this event, until someone asked me about it with a link on Facebook. And I should've never clicked on that link. Wait, I it wasn't the link that did me in, it was the FORWARDING of the link to my Husband. Matt was instantly hooked, ran into the kitchen that evening and said "WE.MUST.DO.THIS!!11!!"

And so, without much fanfare, we were registered a mere 3 days later, and showed up about 5 weeks after registering to the event. Matt and I had NO idea what to expect. In fact, Matt was hyped and so worried about everything that he was driving me absolutely bonkers. He was worried about food, drink, sleep, weather, what he should wear, how he looked. Seriously...he was being a total girl about it. And actually it was definitely endearing and I thought he was very cute, but...still drove me crazy.

We didn't actually run the event until 1:20 and it was a blazing 95 degrees and sunny in Wisconsin that day. Wowza.


1. HILLY, wow. Hills. I love me some hills, up down, up down...but this, THIS was crazy. Apparently the course on Devil's Head was only 2nd most hilly to DENVER, CO. There were points when I just walked, and I don't walk hills, but Matt and I did. And we passed people. On the uphill. Nuts.

2. Water stops: not enough. The first water station was 2 miles in...and then only 3 more during the entire race. They had large jugs with pumps that you filled your tiny cup with. SMRT. Especially given that there were over 12,500 people running that day. BRILLS.

3. Waits: There were very few periods of waiting at obstacles, but the worst was the under-barbedwire-crawly-mud section. Could you tell I didn't know the name? But, it was still fun...

4. Worst Obstacle: Electrocution. People asked before the race if they REALLY electrocuted you. I can answer with 100% certainty. YES, they do. Matt and I were 3 hours in...running up the last micro-hill and turned the corner. Wires, everywhere, hanging down. They scream at you to "RUN!" and you link arms and go...about 2/3 the way through...I remember feeling like I was absolutely just jackhammered in the stomach and down I went. I then remember thinking "WHAT.THE.F*CK was THAT!?" and fight or flight kicked in and I crawled the heck out of there. Apparently the perfect mud outline on my back was very entertaining. Whatever, yeah...whatever.

5. Showers: what showers? There was a clusterfluck of hoses situated and barely functioning so you stood in line and had to shimmy the hose up and down to maintain water pressure. It was pointless, but fun to have people watch while Matt groped me while rinsing the 1.5lbs of mud off my body.

Okay, that is literally the MOST basic rundown I could give.

Bottom line: We are so doing this again next year. Maybe twice even. Once in Minnesota and Wisconsin again.


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