Thursday, August 25, 2011

Next Up and Interruption!

So...with an injury lingering I took off the week of June 6-10 and then had ANOTHER race on the 11th, the Flood Run that actually was a super flat/super fast 7 mile run.

I took off during that race and didn't look back. And finished in an astounding 54:47 (WOW!), but unfortunately I continued to aggravate my adductor muscle and left the race limping (again!).

Inside my head I knew this was not just a fluke and was completely bummed. I took off the next two weeks and prepared to just duke it out...I waited 10 days and then participated in another race on July 4th but honestly....I took off most of July from running. I needed that rest. My July 4th race was an 8k followed by another 5+ miles to my parent's house to train. Bad idea, but honestly I needed to get out...feel it out...and clear out the cobwebs. Just in time to shelve it for another 3 weeks. A SOLID 3 weeks.

In those 3 weeks I remembered how much I loved running, how much I had taken it for granted and how many other things I could invest my time in. I took up riding my trail bike and lifted like I never lifted before.

What did it get me?

A fresh outlook on running, a re-discovery of my passion for running. To feel the pounding of the pavement, the pain in my feet and the heat oozing out of my pores.

I can say that I did participate in another race at the end of July, however this was for "fun" as it is a very very very packed race and "racing" is not really an option, unless you're planning on qualifying, which still doesn't guarantee you a great spot.

So here I am....6+ weeks until the Chicago Marathon and I've logged nearly 17 miles this week. Another 16 on Saturday. My leg is holding out, I can still:

a. put on socks
b. lift it up to get into the tub

Those were my two indicators when it was screaming at me during the months of June and July. I've never felt my age until this summer.

The two things that have helped tremendously:

a. stretching (duh!)
b. Epsom Salt baths (yes, I am old!)

I have dedicated myself to stretching about 5-10 minutes each day...I make time for it. I know if I don' will be baddd. So?

Oh and you wouldn't BELIEVE how many people don't even KNOW what an Adductor is. Really?

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