Tuesday, February 28, 2012

(wo)MAN on the run

I got home last night and made sure to get dressed ASAP for a run, and ran I did. Now, it wasn't anything spectacular like busting out 7min. miles, but I did run for 40 minutes, and I made it 4.7 miles. So I am happy with that. My foot is STILL bothering me at times, but I try to just keep a good pace, make sure my form stays secure and I don't compensate or limp.

I finished my run with a nice hot shower, lumpy hot coffee/protein mix and some stretching. Reminder: if you mix coffee with the protein, do the mix + milk and then add hot coffee. Not smart. I had to scoop out the lumps, ate them (blech!) and then gave up altogether and dumped that rancid-ass garbage. *shrug*

Which brings me to review said protein mix. I got two coupons (1 manufacturer and 1 store) that I could use together for the new EAS Lean protein mix.

It is definitely good for being 100 calories with 15 g protein, but I still get bored with just chocolate, so I add flavorings or milk if I need the carbs. The purchase price was $19.99, but with my two coupons, it brought it down to close to $10 for that tub. SCORE! I would recommend if you can find a coupon.

Skinnyrunner really pushes her CLICK protein powders and I'm thinking I'll try those the next time I'm in the market.

What is on the agenda for tonight? Legs...I'm trying to incorporate lifting into two days a week. So I'm thinking Legs, Back and Shoulders (day 1) and Arms, Chest and Calves (day 2). I don't think there is anything I'm missing, but I need to write up a spreadsheet, I am just so lazy sometimes.

*sigh* White girl problems...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Le Balm?

So, for quite some time Revlon has had these Lip Butters out. Raves, rants and swatches aside, I find them sort of...'meh'.

And of course what I find I REALLLY like is L'Oreal's "Le Balm". Le what? Balm. Nothing exciting, in fact---very pigment free. It must mean I am REALLY truly, 12. I am about 2 steps away from Bonnie Bell's lipsmackers. You know...the coveted item of most 8 year old girls (or boys, I don't judge), you all had one. The Dr. Pepper one that has gummed beyond repair, with half the sticker torn off, and the sticker residue collecting random paper bits from your pockets. No?

Huh. I guess I'm alone then.

On the running front: I took an entire week off of anything last week. I take that back, I ran ONE time with a goal of 30 minutes. I did that, then decided I wanted an entire week off. Not so much because I needed one, but because I was little burnt out.

Not from running, but from Jamie Eason's Livefit program. A 12 week weight lifting program that by the 10th week had me yearning for a hot bath and vacation. Neither of which I indulged in, by the way.

But I did take the past week off and I'm back to it this evening. On the agenda? 40 minutes. I will make sure to suit up when I get home, pat the pups on the head and walk out that door.

Also, another goal? Stretching. STREEETCHING is a must. And I am so lazy that I just push it to the side...and then I end up in pain. So...stretching on the menu too.

Oh Monday, why must you be so cruel?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So...awkward moments aside, I have slinked back. Somewhat for my own pleasure as obviously no one is reading these blogs.

Do you know how many people have told me I should do makeup blogs, YT videos? A few...not a plethora (I just wanted to use that word here), but a few. So I'm thinking of diversifying this blog.

Yep, cross over, from health/fitness and beauty. Ramblings if you will. Ramble, that is what I do best.

Current Loves:

1. Return to Running-finally I am feeling better. It only took several months for my heel to heal. I'm talking no bone bruise but obviously lots of tendon issues up in therr.

2. Rimmel Kate Moss #14 lipstick. Yes...I went from running to lipstick. It is a perfect shade for me, which is funny because if you see swatches on other people it looks brown, but on me? Perfect.

3. Mary's YT channel. I love following random people and then just clicking when they recommend different YTers and then I find new ones I love. Oh yes...the link : here.

So I suppose I should remind myself to check in here. I will do that.

Back to running: 5 miles on the agenda for the evening. Though I've been lazy lately and TIRED, but we shall see. No joy in running if isn't purely for the love of motion. :)