Tuesday, February 28, 2012

(wo)MAN on the run

I got home last night and made sure to get dressed ASAP for a run, and ran I did. Now, it wasn't anything spectacular like busting out 7min. miles, but I did run for 40 minutes, and I made it 4.7 miles. So I am happy with that. My foot is STILL bothering me at times, but I try to just keep a good pace, make sure my form stays secure and I don't compensate or limp.

I finished my run with a nice hot shower, lumpy hot coffee/protein mix and some stretching. Reminder: if you mix coffee with the protein, do the mix + milk and then add hot coffee. Not smart. I had to scoop out the lumps, ate them (blech!) and then gave up altogether and dumped that rancid-ass garbage. *shrug*

Which brings me to review said protein mix. I got two coupons (1 manufacturer and 1 store) that I could use together for the new EAS Lean protein mix.

It is definitely good for being 100 calories with 15 g protein, but I still get bored with just chocolate, so I add flavorings or milk if I need the carbs. The purchase price was $19.99, but with my two coupons, it brought it down to close to $10 for that tub. SCORE! I would recommend if you can find a coupon.

Skinnyrunner really pushes her CLICK protein powders and I'm thinking I'll try those the next time I'm in the market.

What is on the agenda for tonight? Legs...I'm trying to incorporate lifting into two days a week. So I'm thinking Legs, Back and Shoulders (day 1) and Arms, Chest and Calves (day 2). I don't think there is anything I'm missing, but I need to write up a spreadsheet, I am just so lazy sometimes.

*sigh* White girl problems...

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