Thursday, May 3, 2012


Huh.  I thought I would post yesterday (Wednesday), but I actually ran out of time during the day.  Yes, that is possible.

But imagine my excitement when my Julep Maven box arrived today.  Okay, so everyone talks mad hype about Glossybox (uk), My glam, Birchbox, Beauty Tubes, etc.  But I really just like nailpolish.  And honestly, you get GOOD stuff with these boxes.  No "surprise" samples, or repeats like face wash, or expired masks, or repackaged stuffs.  Nope...just good old fingernail polish.

WHEE!  So basically receiving this box reminded me that I needed to share some recent faves.  Mostly, but not ALL beauty related.

1.  Physician's Formula Eye Booster liquid liner.  OMG y'all, this marker is AHMAZING.  I have tried L'Oreal's lineur intense (sp?), Napoleon Perdis' liner, NYX, but nothing compares to black liquid ink liner that is Physician's Formula.  Surprised, right? Me too.  But I have been religiously using this stuff about 4 times a week for probably 3 months now and I STILL love it.  It provides a pretty rigid line, that doesn't flake, transfer or fade throughout a full 12+hour day of wear.  I'm not the best at winged liner, but even my hair chick commented on how she loved it.  And she uses the much more expensive L'ancome Artliner.  So there.  Pick one up!

Not my photo:  Courtesy of Beautyscribble-
2.  Rescue Beauty Lounge polish-yes it is PRICEY$$$.  I'm talking $20/bottle, up from $18 a bottle.  But if you want some of the more unique shades that you won't find on all your friends (*ahem* CG's For Audrey), then RBL is your polish.  Just look around and you'll find tons of blogs that pay homage to this lovely little cult brand.  And the best part?  If you buy a limited edition polish, you hardly see them come around again. So you feel like you own your private little gem.  $20?  Worth it.  In my opinion, of course.
Image courtesy of AllLacquredUp.  The very lemminged "aqua lilly" which is as you guessed it, SOLD OUT. 

*side note*-if you want some of newly released polish, get on their mailing list and pre-buy your polish

3.  Blistex Lip Medex.  Like Carmex, but not ugly in a yellow/puke container.  You'll thank me.  But only if you like that mentholated feeling on your lips.  Which I do.


1.  Buckwheat.  I seriously have a hankering for this stuff.  It is technically a seed but I eat it every morning in some kind of porridge mixed with all things tropical and happiness in my stomach.  It keeps me sustained for well over 2+ hours and that is pretty good for me.  I'm a machine...I need fuel.

2.  The Library.  Oh man, I've been a reading MACHINE lately.  So much so, that Mr. O was upset with me for shirking housely duties in order to read.  WHAT?  I couldn't help it.  Sookie Stackhouse was needing to be read.  Yes, I read the entire True Blood series.  There are so many books I am waiting on to come out this year.  Gurgh.

Speaking of favorites...all of them.  What are some of yours?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


*flails arms*  Cheer with me, people...

So...I did it!  I beat my PR from last year.  I made it...and didn't die.  BONUS!

I think I reviewed this race last year, but I'm going to again, because I can.  Suck it up, Buttercup.

The Drake Relays on the Roads race features an 8k and a Half Marathon.  This year there were 2500 total entrants into the race, and I swear most of these entrants are in GOOD shape.  I'm not sure if it is the fact that it is around the Drake Relays or that it's a college town.  But the average finishing pace for the Half was 1:56 or something.  Cuh-RAZY.  It makes me feel average...which is actually pretty good if I think about it.

The only thing that has changed for this race this year was the packet pick-up.  Normally there is a large pick-up on Friday afternoon/evening, but this year they changed it because they provided tickets to events and wanted people to pick up packets on Wednesday and Thursday as well as Saturday.  Also, the venue they used in previous pick-ups was not available, so I think that factored in heavily.  It was annoying picking up packets on Saturday, ONLY because it was not well organized.  That was my only beef with this race.


The course is heavily, hills.  But now that I look at the map, I feel crazy.  Because there are only two large hills, or even marked hills in the course.  But those hills seem to be a doozy.  There is tons of shade, with great neighborhoods to watch and people at most turns.

Course map:

Miles 1-5 always fly by for me in this race, I feel good, ready to run...

Miles 6-10 are always the worst...the neighborhoods are more spread out and spectators are hard to find.  The ones you do find are amazing-friendly and always cheering.

Miles 10-13 are the miles where you double back up the hill you went out on.  A gradual incline to decline that is well traveled with great traffic control provided by some cute cops (just sayin').

Home stretch:  You know where you start, so you're counting down the blocks...and you can seeeeee the finish, but it seems miles away...and then...PEOPLE everywhere...all along the gates.  Which helps IMMENSELY.  I can't say if I heard just one person yell, but it seems to be a wave of sound that propels you to a good finish.

1:48:56 baby!!

See...I and my giant legs...again.  :)  I don't mind...they get me where I'm a-going.

The best part about this Half?  THE PRICE.  I think it runs about $45 with fees.  And you get a tech shirt AND socks.  Hello?  Rock on!

The next day my quads were KILLING me...but I will live.

This week?  So far I've been runs.  But I think I'll fire up the 'mill and get something done tonight.  We shall see.

Also...I have some "beauty related" items I will be talking about soon.  REAL soon.