Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blog love

I thought about titling this Blog Lovin', but isn't that something else?  Urrrr, I'm not so savvy at this.  Also..."titling" looks funny.  I think you can see what I'm talking about.  *ahembewbs*

It's so funny how cyclical I become.  The winter is beautybeautybeauty, and then the spring arrives, the sun comes out and I'm all "runrunrunrunrunrun".  So predictable.

Also, since I titled (heee) Blog love, I figured I would talk about some of the blogs I love.  I mostly love speedy women...yes I am bias.  For some reason I love speedy, self-deprecating women. Or just a few. 

http://eatdrinkandbemeiri She is hilarious.  Makes seriously funny faces and can always make you feel like you need to lift heavy things to be a "real" woman.

The always famous skinnyrunner.com, who just finished some ridiculous trial and tribulations in the form of race, race, ragnar, race.  Makes me feel like a little sniveling baby. 

The young and rambunctious http://fueledbylolz.com/ who is also speedy, and very cute.  Takes me back to my college days...when I wasn't speedy...but I WAS rambunctious.  *side eye*

Last but not least is my love for http://www.hungryrunnergirl.com/ who is currently pregnant (super cute) and still so fast.  JEALOUS<<<right here.

In the spring I seem to rediscover these blogs...fall back in love and follow them like stalkers.  I suppose you could consider that a second job? 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nail Obsessed

This won't really be running related.  But I am obsessed with nail polish.  I'm talking STALKERAZZI here.

When I know something new is coming out I will stalk stalk stalk all blogs, to see the swatches and then place orders or drool over pictures and plan out shopping trips.  I need some sort of program for withdrawals.  It's always "I'll stop buying once this launches"...and then...something new...and I wantwantwant.

But I'm currently on a buying ban, and I still want to buy.  Nope, I have to save for 'adult' items such as vacation or home improvement items.  BORING.  But necessary.

On to the running.  I did get my 30 miles last week.  Posted a nice 13.8 on Saturday in 35~ish weather.  I'm in my shorts, turtleneck, tshirt and head/hand cover and everyone else is bundled like it's 10 below.  No thanks...I will keep my legs free and easy.  I was happy to have the roads mostly to myself.  Minus the wayward smashed raccoon.  Poor guy...ick.

So race day is approaching...5 days from today.  The worst part?  They aren't allowing any packet pickup on Friday, which means we'll have to pick up our packet on Saturday morning.  STOOPID.

Whatever, I'm still gonna smoke it. I am not sure of my goal yet...I'll re-assess as the day gets closer.  Which makes my stomach flop.  Ish.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Whether Weather should affect your plans?

You like what I did there?  No.  Well, huh.

So...weather here in the midwest is a BIG topic of conversation.  This would be like the micro-brew conversation to Portlanders (I'm making this up and trying to be relevant and worldly---just go with it).  Yes, so weather is literally the opening and ending to most conversations.  Whether you're a stranger or a good friend.  WEATHER.  It is a four letter word here.

So in March we had some 80 degree days.  And now?  Now...it's cold a rainy.  I throw a big W.T.F. to that.  Whatever.  I will work with it.  But tomorrow, am, it will be a balmy 34 degrees.  I am one of those people that once I stop wearing running pants, I don't want to put them back on.  Yes, I still wear bottoms, but I want my legs freeeee.  I want to feel the wind on my parts...not those parts. 

So, I will most likely be THAT girl, with the cherry-red legs tomorrow, in shorts...while everyone else is wearing pants, and sweatshirts AND jackets.  And I'll be in shorts...because I am that hardheaded.  And dumb. 

The end. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sometimes I'm really an A$$hat

So, I'm emailing with a friend today, talking about how she should just up and run a 5k and how it shouldn't be that difficult. But she's coming back from an injury. That was just diagnosed. About 3 weeks ago. *ahem*

So who is the asshat? Yes, that would be me.

See, I don't understand how people have "couch to 5k" programs. I don't get it.

Wait...WAIT. Don't leave. Let me explain myself.

I have the stupid luxury of either being in great shape or completely delusional. "How is that?", you ask.
I'll just up and run 4 miles the first time out each year, if not more. I'll just lace up my shoes (probably too old), head out the door and run for 40 minutes. Yep, 40. So, really, either I'm completely moronic, OR I am just used to that level of pain. And obviously like it.

Do I think it's bad that people do "couch to 5k" programs? Absolutely not. I am excited whenever someone tells me they have found an appreciation for running, or if not...just trying it. It makes me happy. I love to share with people. I am not an elitist, I am just a sucker for over-exerting myself.

Need I remind you that I spent the better part of 8 months injured or at least in some amount of pain because I slammed myself into training for a Marathon? Nope.

I didn't think so.

On a more random note: I love Blistex "lip medex". Old school love right there. I have it slathered all over the bottom third of my face, like an overzealous kindergartner. Sexy, I know.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Running Update and more Randomosities

I made that word up...no not "running" but "randomosities". You can use it at will. You're welcome.

Currently I am at 16.7 miles this week. With the scheduled 1:50-55 run scheduled for Saturday that will put me close to 30 miles...for some sick reason now...I really want those 13.3. Because 30 seems so nice and tidy. And yes, I'm one of THOSE people. The ones that stare at their garmin and run up and down the block when it says ---.23 or ---.96. I have to have a nice ROUND number. Well, not HAVE, but would reallyreallyREALLY prefer.

Also, my first "race" is 4/28. I'm not sure I'm excited. Last year I PR'ed at 1:50 for this half. And it was with wild abandon. I ran without Garmin, with "feel" and just blew myself away. Blurgh. I don't know if it's that weird unspoken fear of "failure", but I'm afraid for next Saturday. YES. I don't know what is HAPPENING to me.

I have had some sort of evolution. From 2004 in my "I love running and no matter the pace" of 10 min/mile running. To last year's 7:40-8:15 feels good to me...what? I hate that. I totally ruined myself. I have raised my expectations and I am RUINED. You hear me? RUINEEED. *clutching hair and moaning*

But. I will run. And I will conquer. So my goal...to meet last year's PR. And run without a garmin...but sadly I want my splits...I want to know. And this isn't a highly timed course. No mats every mile or 5k. *sigh*

My life is so difficult.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Random Musings

I have to reevaluate my last post, not the fact that it was nearly 2 months ago, but the fact that about 2 bars into that box of Protein bars, I changed my mind. Durrr. I do like those stupid things.

But I didn't actually post something to alert anyone to the fact that Nature Valley DOES indeed make a tasty protein bar. Nope.

I wanted to link anyone who reads this or just me to this woman's page. http://www.jensjourney.com/

HOLY crap. Back when I joined Sparkpeople in 2008, I remember collecting friends like some people collect well...collectibles (smrt). I remember jen. She had started her journey the year previous or maybe 2 years...but she looked AMAZING. And she was endlessly positive.

Now, I followed ANOTHER sparkpeople "friend" onto FB and she was a friend of Jen's, and I found her blog again today. WHAT. She's lost even MORE weight, still eats so very well and still has that positive outlook that captivates my attention.

So basically, this is just a shout out to positivity.

Also...I need to do a challenge to myself to blog more than 3 times a month or year...or whatever. Ugh. Sick.