Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Running Update and more Randomosities

I made that word not "running" but "randomosities". You can use it at will. You're welcome.

Currently I am at 16.7 miles this week. With the scheduled 1:50-55 run scheduled for Saturday that will put me close to 30 miles...for some sick reason now...I really want those 13.3. Because 30 seems so nice and tidy. And yes, I'm one of THOSE people. The ones that stare at their garmin and run up and down the block when it says ---.23 or ---.96. I have to have a nice ROUND number. Well, not HAVE, but would reallyreallyREALLY prefer.

Also, my first "race" is 4/28. I'm not sure I'm excited. Last year I PR'ed at 1:50 for this half. And it was with wild abandon. I ran without Garmin, with "feel" and just blew myself away. Blurgh. I don't know if it's that weird unspoken fear of "failure", but I'm afraid for next Saturday. YES. I don't know what is HAPPENING to me.

I have had some sort of evolution. From 2004 in my "I love running and no matter the pace" of 10 min/mile running. To last year's 7:40-8:15 feels good to me...what? I hate that. I totally ruined myself. I have raised my expectations and I am RUINED. You hear me? RUINEEED. *clutching hair and moaning*

But. I will run. And I will conquer. So my meet last year's PR. And run without a garmin...but sadly I want my splits...I want to know. And this isn't a highly timed course. No mats every mile or 5k. *sigh*

My life is so difficult.

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