Monday, April 23, 2012

Nail Obsessed

This won't really be running related.  But I am obsessed with nail polish.  I'm talking STALKERAZZI here.

When I know something new is coming out I will stalk stalk stalk all blogs, to see the swatches and then place orders or drool over pictures and plan out shopping trips.  I need some sort of program for withdrawals.  It's always "I'll stop buying once this launches"...and then...something new...and I wantwantwant.

But I'm currently on a buying ban, and I still want to buy.  Nope, I have to save for 'adult' items such as vacation or home improvement items.  BORING.  But necessary.

On to the running.  I did get my 30 miles last week.  Posted a nice 13.8 on Saturday in 35~ish weather.  I'm in my shorts, turtleneck, tshirt and head/hand cover and everyone else is bundled like it's 10 below.  No thanks...I will keep my legs free and easy.  I was happy to have the roads mostly to myself.  Minus the wayward smashed raccoon.  Poor guy...ick.

So race day is approaching...5 days from today.  The worst part?  They aren't allowing any packet pickup on Friday, which means we'll have to pick up our packet on Saturday morning.  STOOPID.

Whatever, I'm still gonna smoke it. I am not sure of my goal yet...I'll re-assess as the day gets closer.  Which makes my stomach flop.  Ish.

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Angela Leigh said...

Perhaps some kind of nail-polish reward system. If you hit certain goals you've set for yourself you get a small reward. We can design an elaborate tracking board with charts and stars. And once you get to your goal you get to go on a shopping trip!