Saturday, April 30, 2011

Well crap.

Seriously it has come to my attention, that because I follow SO many blogs. (What? I work, sometimes.) That I should *probably* keep something up here. Because inevitably I leave this profile name on a comment and then whoa...someone clicks on it and they end up here.

And what has awaited that person (I flatter myself that someone would ACTUALLY click on my name-right?)? Only a piddly-ass single blog about self-sabotage. And yes, that issue still exists....yes....3 years later. Big whoop.

So....instead of leading someone to that one blog. I thought I would address said issue, with this blog....with a great title, regarding feces. CRAP. POO. SH*T. DUNG. I would go on, but it would take way too long. I have a great vocabulary. DOOKIE, DOODIE. Yes. Seee?

On a better note. I PR'ed today. And not because it was my first time running an event.

I believe it was the 3rd running of an event. A half-marathon, at a very famous relay in Iowa. In Des Moines (the esses are silent-Not Dez Moinezzz). Two years ago I ran this even in 1:54 and some change, and being that this year I felt better, more able, and garmin-less (stupid stupid me) I wanted to try to go faster.

And I did!?!!? 1:50:20 is my time. Rock.Star.

Well, not really, but for ME? ROCK.STAR.

And then I ate everything I could find. Trader Joes you never disappoint and shout out to Mimi's and their Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes. Let me hope that someone sees this blog and sends me coupons. But then why would I drive ALLLL the way to DM for pancakes? *whispers* I would. Because I'm awesome like that. :)

Okay, re-introduction to my crowd of cero over.