Friday, August 19, 2011

How to?

How do you go about getting back into something after a 3+ month hiatus. Hmm. HI-AYYYY-TUSS. I like that word.

Oh what was I saying? Oh do I branch into normalcy or some sort of normalcy.

In reality, I am a ramble, not Faulkner-esque, but close enough. I don't think about ONE thing, I go from running, to my socks, to my eye itches, to oh I rubbed my mascara at my fingernails....ugh.

So what I'm saying is...if you have a tip all 0 readers of you out there...what is it?

Jump in...baptism by fire?

I could review all the races I've done since the HiYayTuss started? I guess that is something. Let's see if I actually get back to that. Heh.

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