Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welp, I owe a few blogs here!

Okay, first things first, or is it First thing...first? Whatever.

The Marion Arts Festival 5k. I was asked to join by H and his sisters. I was afraid they wouldn't enter and we'd run it alone. NEVER fear, they came through.

We showed up in muggy nearly 70 degree weather, overcast the skies ready to break, but they held out. The race did start promptly at 8 am, which I was VERY thankful for. There is nothing worse than a race that languishes with the anthem, blithering, talking, *asphinctersayswhat*, annnoyingggg. But nope, "ready, set, GO!" was all we heard. And Matt and I were off with the herd of people.

I knew my chances were good, no garmin, I was nice enough to lend it to Matt and let him track his pace. I eventually let him go about 1.2 miles into the race, and kept myself at a nice pace, even though I had no clue what it was.

I rounded the last turn, saw the clock and it was around 22:40 and knew I was okay with that. I crossed the finish line at 23:05, and found Matt immediately. The jerk *I mean that lovingly of course* had finished in 22:23 and was "okay" with that. We headed off to get our placements, and I placed 3rd in my division. ATHENA, for the bigger gals. heh. I'll take it.

We waited for Matt's sisters to finish, 33 and 38 minutes VERY respectably, go ladies!!

I collected my glass football/ashtray/paperweight/bludgening device and we made a quick decision to eat with family at a restaurant. Now, the best part of the day? The race. The not so best part? The food. That restaurant gets a loud *womp womp*

Check out the pictureage!

Look, I CAN run!

But...not finish. Apparently I was feeling it!

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Julie said...

Congrats that is an awesome pace and finish!