Monday, May 9, 2011

Bastardized Recipe

So, do you ever visit search for a recipe and read the comments. People will get a recipe, mess it all up and then complain about the results. Well, you moron the recipe is not the problem, YOU are.

What recipe did I mess up, on purpose? Well, my friends (not plural, maybe someday): THIS one.

I made it PER recipe the first time (see, this is what you're *supposed* to do) and the decided, this would be a great faux-scotcharoo recipe. So I screwed with it.

I have a bad habit of not really measuring things, but eyeballing. I'm basically a dieter's nightmare, no food scale, no measuring cups or spoons, they're too finicky PLUS I would have to wash dishes, and I'm lazy.

What did I do?

-2 extra large scoops o'peanut butter (JIF Natural, I prefer others, but I had this)
-Roughly 3/4 cup of honey
*microwave ~60 seconds until honey is bubbly*
*stir furiously*
-3 scoops vanilla protein powder
-1/4 c. fiber one cereal
-1/4 rice krispies

Pat all of this into a small 8x8 pan and cool

For the top (oh, I didn't just stop there)
-1 large scoop o'peanut butter
-1/4 cup of honey
*microwave ~45 seconds*
-2 scoops chocolate protein powder

Spread on top of cooled portion and refrigerate.

Eat all in one day.

You're welcome.

Also on the topic of food, this is not the greatest, in fact I regret this purchase. BOOOOO!

Save yourself the dough. Really.

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