Monday, August 22, 2011

Back up!

Okay, so here goes on my Race Reviews or Review as I'm too lazy to do more than one at a time.

Wow, I can't believe, I have about 5-6 reviews to do here.

What is first? Oh! Dam to Dam in Des Moines.

The course starts at Saylorville Dam outside and ends downtown in Des Moines. It is a nice 20k jaunt with lots of scenery and great crowds. And by great crowds, I mean people looking comfortable on the side of the road while you sweat your a$$ off running.

Usually this race is very very hot. I'm talking 75 at the start with nice hot hot sun beating down on you. Well, this year was no different (unfortunately). I really wanted to PR, but couldn't find it within me to actually push hard enough to break the 1:48 time that I had last year. BUT, last year it was an atypical year with nice cold breezes and a light rain that had started as a downpour earlier in the day.

Luckily by mile 10.5 I ran into a friend that I've known for awhile. She is training for her first Marathon in Chicago this year and we chatted it up. She actually was suffering from a bit of tummy trouble (read: solid or not? farts) so I helped coach her through and we distracted each other and I saw my finish time not be what I desired but hugged my friend, thanked her for her help and was on my way.

UNFORTUNATELY as that day wore on, my leg was bothering me. And by weekend END, I could hardly lift my left leg to put my sock on or get into the shower. It was agony. I thought it was just nothing to worry about, but as the week continued, I realized I was INJURED. *cue dramatic music*

I tried running a mere 3 days later, got about 2 blocks away and turned around. It was a definite no-go.

More later...

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