Thursday, September 1, 2011

Slowing Down


Tuesday morning I was out running, and pushed it. Pushed it. I mean that kind of pushing that you don't care how stupid you look, you're RUNNNNING.

And then I was rewarded with the 8:31/avg pace that was shown on my trusty Garmin. And the next day I was also rewarded with twinges of weirdness in my left leg. And my mind went into overdrive. What is that? What about if I move it this way? What about that way? How do I stretch this? Can I find it?

I would prod, poke, stretch, move, and see how I could actually locate where the twinges were coming from. BUT, I could put on my sock, get into the shower and I even managed to mow the lawn (huge hill included) and still walk.


I am slowing down my friends. (still zero if you're counting...) I read an article about 7 things you should avoid, and I'm pretty sure I've done all of them. So I slowed down this morning...I listened to my body...slow and steady. And really not that slow at all....8.5 miles avg pace of 9:07/mile.

With all luck I will still be able to do my scheduled 17 on Saturday...let us just hope the rain holds off.


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