Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shoes, Kicks, Sneaks, etc...

So, last week I FINALLY ordered myself some new shoes.  AND, for the first time in HISTORY of me I actually purchased TWO pairs of shoes.  This is like me deciding to buy TWO cars instead of one.  Well, not that big, but it's BIG.  *BIG*

They arrived yesterday and trying to act like an adult I let the box sit untouched for probably oh...20 minutes.  Then I tore into that sucker and retrieved out my two pairs.  *cue angels*

I tried to attach an actual photo I took MYSELF, but I'm clearly too big of an idiot to do this.  BUT, they're my first pair of non-motion control/normal shoes.  They're Brooks Pureflow and I think they'll be *just* enough minimal entry that I will get along just fine with them.

I took them out last night after walking my pups (I would put a picture of that too, but alas, still dumb), for a quick spin for about 25 minutes.  LOVELY.  It felt very strange and I definitely felt the difference, but not a bad difference.  

All I know is, I'm not running on horribly worn shoes.  Eeeks.  

Tinytip:  Write your mileage on your calendar with acronyms for your shoes if you have multiple pairs.  It is best to keep track of mileage so you can support any suspicions of worn shoes.


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