Friday, October 19, 2012

Frugal Friday *snicker*

Totally kidding with that title.  Not even Frugal...ever.  I WANT to be frugal, but it RARELY happens.

Example.  I ventured into a nobuy with a interwebz friend, starting October 1 and ending December 1.

How is that going?  Well, thank you for asking.

It's not really going terrible, but it's not going GREAT either.  Since October 1, I can safely say I've purchased 2 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts, 5034823 fingernail polishes (actually probably closer to 5) and I think that sums it up. 

I was told by my nobuy partner that Limited Edition things don't count.  Well, that could go either way.  I did buy LE Halloween polishes from WnW AND, LE polish from L'oreal.  BUT, since the Sally Hansen complete manicure polishes were on clearance at Walgreens, I took that to be LE too, because you know...they're on sale, and then GONE.  Right....

My logic is not flawed.  EVER.

So that brings me to my huge huge HUGE confession. I am a hoarder.  I'm talking...class 5 (out of 5).  I have over 250 polishes....well over.  That was when I counted back in May or something...and since then.  Ugh.  *SHAMEFACE*

I bought some stackable situation from Target (hoarding enabler) that I put some polishes in. That left a 3 drawer container fairly empty.  WHO FILLED IT UP?

ME.  Ugh.  I am barreling toward having enough polish that I could change polish daily and still not wear them all.  I never had this goal.  NEVER.  BUT...will I stop buying?

Nope.  See, we made it almost full logic.  NOT flawed.

My strategy:  I put all of my unworn polish in the top drawer, and I can only dip back into my worn until I wear all of those.  BUT---(only flawed part) that drawer will never reach the bottom.  FAIL.

Current polish:

Courtesy of All Lacquered Up.

Next up:  Fragrance 

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