Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where have I been?

Somewhere between crazy and down in the dumps really.

We had the Dam to Dam last weekend. I was pumped, I knew that my time wouldn't be nearly as good as it was last year. But there were multiple reasons for this. Mostly, that I'm lazy, but also the weather has not been cooperating which means that I didn't log as many outside miles as I would have liked. I mean it rained once every 40 hours or something crazy like that.

So we headed down to Des Moines on Friday, the drive was fun, Dad and I just watching traffic and tag teaming driving. I'm the bestest backseat driver ever!

We ate at The Cheesecake Factory on Friday night and did a little shopping. I indulged a little at Sephora, which probably wasn't the smartest decision, but I enjoy my purchases so whatever. Then bedtime came early at 8:30 and light out. Unfortunately the curtains in our hotel room weren't so stellar, so I could see just (thismuch) of light coming through. I woke up probably 4 times that night.

4:30 came super early, but I laid there contemplating just being lazy or getting my ass out of bed already. Got up, got dressed and we were at the race site by 6:35 after a bus ride.

2 hours later, give or take a few minutes...and the race was done. 12.4 miles gone, behind me and *brushing hands* finished. But the best (worst actually) moment was when I crossed the finish, waved at dad and smiled and he said "What happened, are you having a bad day?".

DASHED. That was how I felt. I was just happy to finish the frickin race. That is how I am. I LIKE running. I don't like finishing...I just like the process. It was hot, I was enjoying my pace, was happy to see the top of each hill and even happier to see my dad's face.

But no. No congrats, you're finished. A "What happened?". Ugh.


I must keep remembering that I LIKE running, I LIKE RUNNING. This weather is still not cooperating though. You have to steal every moment that you can to get out.


Oh and is it Friday yet?!?!

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